Adhesive for floor and wall tiles based on cement and polymers.
Used for fixing ceramic, clinker and mosaic tiles on stone, plaster, concrete and other hard surfaces in dry, humid and wet conditions. Suitable for tiling pools and old tiled surfaces. Thanks to high compressive strength, Naks-2 is a suitable mix for installing tiles on floors expected to take heavy loads. The mix is heat-resistant, thus enabling tiling hot walls and saunas.  After the final setting, the mix is heat- and cold-resistant and can be used for interior and exterior application.

Product coverage: 3-4 kg/m2 depending on the background and layer thickness.
Grain size >0.63 mm
Package: 5 and 25 kg

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For installing ceramic, clinker and stone tiles on stone, 
plaster, concrete and other hard surfaces.
For installing tiles on old tiles. For tiling
pools, especially in wet rooms and hot environments.
For installing wall and floor tiles.
Also suitable for installing tiles outside.

Pour mixture into a mixer or a bowl with a wide opening.
Add water approx. 20- 22% of the weight of the mixture
(5-5.5 l per 25 kg package or 1-1.1 l per 5 kg box).
Mix carefully.
Before installing tiles wait 10 minutes.
Ready mixture to be used within 6 hours after adding water.

Apply mixture onto wall with a special toothed spatula.
Or apply mixture onto individual tiles with a spatula and thereafter install tiles
on the wall.
The thickness of the mixture layer applied onto wall is normally 0.5-2 mm.
Tiles to be pressed on the mixture within 30 minutes after the mixture has been applied on the surface.

The installed tiles are ready for jointing works in 24 hours.
The tiled surfaces reach final strength similar to the test strength in 12 days.

The temperature of the mix and substrate must be over +5° C.
Restrict traffic for 3 days.

Storage time of the mix powder is 1 year.
Mix packed in bags or boxes should be stored in a dry room.

Consumption of the mixture for installing 1 m2 of tiles is 3-4 kg, depending on the substrate and thickness of the layer.


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