Adhesive for floor and wall tiles based on cement, ground limestone and polymers. Used for fixing ceramic, clinker and mosaic tiles on stone, plaster, concrete and other hard surfaces in dry, humid and wet conditions. The mix is heat-resistant enabling to install tiles in sauna.
Adhesive strength is not less than 0.5 MPa.
Naks-1 spreads well and makes tile installation easy.

Product coverage: ca 3-4 kg/m2 depending on the background and layer thickness.
Grain size >0.63 mm
Package: 5 and 25 kg

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Used indoors and outdoors.
Grey tile adhesive Naks-1 is a tiling mixture for standard applications.
To be used on stone, plaster, concrete, gypsum boards and other mineral substrates.
Use for installing wall and floor tiles in dry, humid and wet conditions.
Substrates must be free from dust, oil, grease, loose paint, etc.
Humidity-sensitive surfaces to be primed with Uninaks MOISTURE-PROOF BARRIER. Weak substrates to be strengthened with Uninaks ADHESIVE DISPERSION.
Pour mixture into a mixer or a bowl.
Add clean lukewarm water approx. 20-26% of the weight of the mixture
(5-6.5 l per 25 kg package or 1-1.3 l per 5 kg box).
Mix carefully until the mixture is completely wet.
Before installing tiles wait 10 minutes and thereafter stir the mixture moderately once again.
Ready mixture to be used within 4 hours after adding water.
Apply mixture with the aid of a tiling spatula onto the substrate.
Apply mixture on an area you are able to cover with tiles within 10-15 minutes.
The thickness of the mixture layer applied onto the wall is normally 4-6 mm.
Tiles already installed can be adjusted within up to 10 minutes.
The installed tiles are ready for jointing works in 1-2 hours.
Restrict traffic for 2-3 days.
The floor must not be loaded and sub-floor heating switched on before 2 weeks.
Mixture and surface temperature must be above +5˚C during the tiling and jointing process.
The product contains cement. Contact with water causes an alkaline reaction. Can cause skin irritation. Upon contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water. For more specific information please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.
Avoid contact of residual mixture with a sewerage system.
Consumption of the mixture for installing
1 m2 of tiles is 3-4 kg.
Dry and in original condition 1 year.


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